SHARDO conducted a closure ceremony for vocational skill training project session Four in Mogadishu.

Shabelle Relief and Development Organization (SHARDO), is a local Somali NGO has conducted on 27th February 2018 a well-organized closure ceremony for 45 youth trainees benefited from SHARDO livelihood promotion for vulnerable youth through vocational skill training project that was implemented by SHARDO with funding of United States African Development Foundation (USADF).

These youth graduates were trained with more demandable skills in the local markets such electricity installation and fish vendor skill trainings. As the SHARDO administration mentioned and demonstrated at the ceremony, the main achievements of this project were 45 youth (25 female) have been trained with the above two courses so all youths were distributed business start up tools and job placement tools with the purpose of small scale business startup and job placement with tools provided. Meanwhile, fortunately those 25 female who received small scale business startup tools are currently operating their business and 20 male whose received electrical tool they are currently working in three electrical companies in Mogadishu while the overall objective of the project was “ Fighting poverty, upgrading life skills and supporting socio-economic development’’.

High guests have participated in the ceremony such representative from MoE, The chairlady of Women’s Association of Banadir region Somali National, representative from Bandir Business men, a representative of SOCA in south central Somalia, local NGOs and local business companies those provided on job training and job placement for 20 skill graduated youths. All the guests have much appreciated and thanked to SHARDO with the well transparent implementation of this project, they also sent many thanks to ADF with the funding of this helpful project for Somali youths.

Some of the trainees at the ceremony have expressed their feelings of happiness and self-motivated in terms of the training they had earlier and thanked both agencies SHARDO and ADF.

SHARDO is a local NGO, non-for profit and non-political organization formed in 1995 under suggestion and endorsement of local Somali community groups for the mandate of provision of various humanitarian services for the needy community in Somalia.


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